"The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture: How it Moved" presented at "The Outstanding Field Symposium", VCA, March 21st 2015. Report: Barbara Bolt, "The Outstanding Field: Artistic Research Emerging from the Academy", VCA & MCM Channel, 15 April 2015

"Agential Relationships of Time, Matter, Movement and Experience in System-based Kinetic Sculpture (using Luc Besson’s 'Lucy' as a Transversal Testing Ground)" presented at the conference "Transversal Practices: Matter, Ecology and Relationality, VI Conference on New Materialisms" 27–29 September 2015, The Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne, Australia. Abstract can be found here.

"Neocybernetics and New Materalisms in Contemporary Kinetic Sculptural Practice", presented as part of panel "The New Materialism in and through Sculpture and Spatial Practice", convened by Associate Professor Barbara Bolt at the AAANZ "Interdiscipline" Conference, VCA, Melbourne, 2013. See link to full paper in Studio Research Journal, Issue 2, June/July 2014 (details below).

Underwing presented at "Sensory Worlds: Environment, Value and the Multisensory", University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2011.

"The Somatic in Kinetic Sculpture" presented at the conference "Inner Movement: the Motor Dimension of Imagination", Faculty of Fine Arts, University College Ghent, Belgium, 2011. See information for full chapter below.

"The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture" presented at the "Experimental Arts Conference", The National Institute for Experimental Arts, College of Fine Arts, Sydney, 2011.


"Exploring Neocybernetics and New Materialisms in Contemporary Kinetic Sculptural Practice through 'The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture'", Studio Research Journal, Issue 2, June/July 2014. Abstract can be found here.

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"The Introverted Kinetic Sculpture", by Laura Woodward, completed October 2013. Pdf available upon request.


"Prosthetic Propulsion: Mechanistic Sculpture and Interactive Installation", by Laura Woodward, completed October 2008 (5.5MB)