Catalogue Essay: Writhe / by Laura Woodward

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"For me though, much revolves around the idea of equilibrium. The artist looks sceptical when I raise this, quite fairly; it is far too reductive to sum up the complexity here. And yet, as I watch the teetter-totter of these mechanisms with their mysterious attempts to balance weights, only to have them slip and drain away to some other component in the system, it looks like a struggle for equilibrium. The kindred human body also relies on seeking an ever fluctuating, elusive stasis of forces. Salts, liquids, hormones, rhythms, temperatures all alike seek biological homeostasis. And like all systems, there are extreme endpoints and tolerances, which if exceeded, bring the whole system to a grinding halt. Like us, these works sometimes die." - Stephen Haley

Stephen Haley wrote a beautiful essay for the catalogue for my exhibition Writhe. You can find the full essay here