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Tomorrow night Laura Woodward will be presenting two new works, as part of an exciting group exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery. 

Join us for the opening tomorrow night, Tuesday the 19th of August, 6-8pm at the Town Hall Gallery, 360 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. 

Composing Common Worlds

Artists observe the world, translating what they see and feel into creative expression.

They carefully filter our reality and provide us with new ways to understand our place in the world. But more than just interpreting, they actually re-make the known universe through their creative acts.

Composing Common Worlds brings together artists who explore the ways in which we understand the nature of our environment. Driven by ideas about the relationship between humans and nature, and questioning the very need for this division, each artist explores ways of positioning ourselves within the world. Presenting multiple art forms from each artist the exhibition also offers a unique insight into the way artists produce material expressions of conceptual ideas.

Dates: 19 August – 12 October 2014, GALLERY 1 2 3

Artist: Sam Leach, Juan Ford, Stanislava Pinchuk (MISO), Cameron Robbins, Laura Woodward, Hanna Tai.

Curated by Dr Kent Wilson.