Re-ignition / by LW

A thought occurred to me earlier today, whilst in the depths of train-induced contemplation: that the lapses in time within my expressive recordings - such as this blog, and perhaps more importantly my visual diary - are directly reflective of the patterns of my life. My last serious post here was just prior to undertaking the fabrication and installation of the 'monster' (better known as "Plunge") in two weeks; a task which left both myself, and the several wonderful beings who made it happen*, in a state of utter exhaustion. I then had another two exhibitions opening three weeks later, and soon afterwards left for overseas. Both the blog and my visual diary exhibit a gap that coincides with these events.

These periods of intense activity and production leave no time for contemplative consideration. They are periods devoid of day-dreaming; an exercise which I now consider a necessity, rather than a luxury, for both creative and emotional function. As I discussed in an earlier post, I've really come to believe that whilst production phases are necessary (particularly within my working practices) the work that they generate is significantly improved if underpinned by quiet day-dreaming.

So, with this in mind, here's to deep, wandering, gentle thought; and thus, a re-ignition of this blog.

* the wonderful beings being: JSF, ET, SJH, TP, AB-G, and DJW. Thank you guys.